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A picture of Supreme Dictator Porsche102, hijacked by 123 for some reason or another.

Djinn Spell is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma that has encaptured the CYOC-genre for generations. Ever since his mysterious appearance on create your own country here 2, creating Djinnaken, Djinn has been a vital part of the community, from his usurping of power in creating CYOC 3 to his creation of trademark forum classics such as Create Your Own Life, One Nation, One Government, and the newly anticipated hits Create Your Own Country Classic and Organized Crime. 

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Djinn Spell is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma, deep fried and placed into a taco shell.

Debbie SpellEdit

Djinn does, in fact, have a Somalian niece. She is bald, and very fiesty. This is one of Djinn's less spoken of family members, but a family member, nonetheless!

Djinn's Family: Exposed!Edit

Yes, Djinn has a family, which consists of many members, such as Debbie Spell, Don Spell, and Granny-D, who is a DJ.

Djinn's Cartographic Persuit Pertaining to Fictional Lands (DCPPtFFL)Edit

Any comments please leave on the DAW Beta thread. This is a very rough sketch of his and Gnuispir's kingdom in DAW.