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The only image of Eno's True Form that didn't self-combust

Eno Remnant (Commonly referred to as Eno), is known for his country in CYOC, the Remnant Kingdom, as well as for being a dedicated Forum Fighter. He has many different avatars, including Marcus Islingr, king of the Ascendant Kingdom and joint ruler of the Twin Gods' Empire.

Eno is the Absolute Master of Order, responsible for the spontaneous appearance of Infilis (The Ascendant Homeworld) and the Ascendant race. Eno is known to be a steadfast ally of Divine Lord Magery, with whom he made the merge with Sparkadia to create the Twin Gods' Empire. Supreme Dar ka Lord Revilo recently joined the empire, and new names for the empire are being discussed.

Marcus Islingr is in charge of all of Eno's CYOC holdings, and shares his views and religion. He is known to be honourable, amicable, and a deadly warrior. He has four generals who help run his kingdom, and is a master of laser tag.

Eno (And all of his avatars) follows a trio of deities, who send him visions and power. These gods are:

Voltaire- The Demon/Imp. He is the God of Awesomeness, and shares his name with Eno's favourite musician.

Dormnad- The Seraph(im)/Angel. He is the God of Willpower.

Vithian- The Scholar. He is the head of the trio, and God of Knowledge and Wisdom.

He officially retired from Runescape and all associated games on the 30th of Januray 2013, leaving behind this message:

Hey Scorched, look behind you...

Trivia Edit

1. Eno is Australian.

2. Eno's favourite musican is Voltaire.

3. Eno likes laser tag and Nerf guns.

4. Eno has no idea whether Magery is his friend or rival. Or both. Or neither.