A Featured Article program has be started so that we can begin to bring attention to the articles that just seem to stand out above all the rest. You may suggest an article by posting a comment here, and the admins of this site will begin reviewing them.

featured article may not have been suggested, for the admins will be looking around for anything that stands out.

Featured Article

Article Name:

Tech Database


The Omni1

Why Selected:

Creativity; user-based nature; high popularity; heavy activity


When reviewing a potential featured article, we will be looking for a few characteristics. Aside from the fact that the article must stand out, we will be looking for:

  • How interesting the article is
  • Grammar/spelling
  • How well the information is organized, and how well the topic is covered
  • Overall accuracy of the information
  • Whether or not the article is easy to read
  • If there are any links, they must be working properly
  • How well the founder/article followers have maintained the article to help prevent vandalism

Basically, we will be looking at the general quality of the article, as well as whether or not the founder has maintained an interest in his/her articles. The original content of the article may be good, but if it has been left exposed to trolls because the founder/article followers lost interest, it will destroy the chances of the article being featured.


The official Featured Article stamp.

While the administration of this site will be looking for featured articles, YOU as a user can make suggestion by posting them in the comment section of this article. By doing this, you will direct our attention to the article that you want reviewed, which will increase its chances of being selected. We will also take into account the number of supporters that your suggestion has (People can reply to your suggestion, and say whether or not they support), which will also increase the chances of the article being selected.

An article that is selected will receive a stamp, as well as being linked onto the main page. The stamp will signify that it is an official featured article, and during the time that the article is featured, it will HAVE to remain on the very top of the article (As placed by an administrator). However, after the article is no longer the featured article, the owner of said article can move the stamp to somewhere else (Such as an Accomplishments section of the article).

Each featured article will be closely watched by the admins to prevent vandalism. As a warning, those who vandalise a featured article run the risk of being immediately temp. banned without any notification.

Articles may be featured more than once if significant change has been made since the last time they were featured. Articles featured more than once will be given a slightly different stamp to show this.

List of Past Featured Articles

Holy Empire of Avalon

Tech Database