Forum Lord, once known as ArchaicChaos, Archaic Lord, Archaic Mage and Magery (as he is most often referred to) is a... differently normal person. He plays several games in the CYOC/NC Genre - his oldest nation is in CYOC (Sparkadia), but he also controls Daemonica in NC and the Empire of Time in SE.

He has no idea what anyone really thinks of him, save that Shing doesn't like him. Obviously, he can't imagine why... *Ahem*

However, he hopes most people like him, simply because he prefers to be well thought of rather than anything else. Like a kindly uncle, if you will, except that he isn't old enough in the genre to be thought of as an uncle and some people *cough* Eno Remnant *cough* would laugh if they heard kindly used to describe him.

He is known to play numerous other games on the Forums (such as Forum Fight, Kill Corp Using Seconds, in which he took over the hosting duties after the previous owner had to go on a hiatus) and is sometimes active on the Stories Forum. He is also, despite only being level 124 in RuneScape, one of the highest ranks in a 130+ Clan and runs their forum thread for them.

He has often been called arrogant and overbearing, but it would surprise some people to know that in reality he is almost the opposite (except for in Mariokart. But when you never lose, it does get to your head), and only acts the way he does on the forums because he finds it funny.

He has numerous interests in numerous different areas - despite being an avid reader, writer and enjoying spending hours on the computer he also plays cricket and field hockey as well as touch football (for school) and doesn't mind a game of rugby league or AFL when he's with friends.

His favourite series of console game is the Ratchet and Clank series, with his favourite game thus far being Ratchet: Gladiator, which he has finished fifteen times on two different saves, each save having max cash, every weapon at level 99 and every skill point and card.

Quick FactsEdit

  1. Adores cats in every way possible
  2. Enjoys reading immensely (Terry Pratchett, Brent Weeks, Derek Landy, Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss and John Flanagan numbering among his favourite authors)
  3. Is level 124 in RuneScape with only one 99.
  4. Likes AFL, NRL, Grass Hockey, Touch Football and Cricket
  5. Is rather intelligent (it's surprising, I know)
  6. Considers Doctor Who to be the greatest television show in history
  7. Has never, ever lost the game. Not even after typing this sentence.
  8. Is a moderator in NC from late NC 38 to Present