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This article contains a summary of the events during NC34, with context explained, as well as details that were not listen on the thread. This article is being created for future reference.

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The thread began when Cardnals100's United Republic of Angola continued its successful war against Namibia and the Central Republic started a small number of projects and began a plot with an organization known as the Cult of Justice protesting against Guatemala. The plot was created so that Guatemala would go on the offensive, weakening their military.

Bowswer5 then claimed a per capita over 150,000, to which E Chip objected claiming that it was part of the reason why he could never take Bowswer5 seriously. Bowswer5 was enraged by the comment, claiming that he needed that per capita in order to keep up with Akuma Zero's gross domestic product. E Chip countered, saying that his population could no longer expand due to the small size of his nation, while Akuma's could. In response, Bowswer5 declared war on France, which was owned by 123xyz8. 123 surrendered, which resulted in the country becoming a non-player country. In response, Djinn Spell sent a security team to stabilize France, which ultimately did nothing.
Flag of France

The flag of France.

Meanwhile, Bismarck II continued a plot regarding the world's first sentient android. Now, the android had escaped and changed his name to Pride. Canada, Signar and the Japanese-Korean Imperial Democratic Union offered to assist the Republic of India in tracking the android. After this, the android managed to learn some martial art and Bugman37 joined in Romania.

In the Central Republic, projects for electronic warfare and intelligence cycle management began, as well as another project. The Cult's following further increased as well. This led to the President of Guatemala murdering his own military personnel. Livelong689 also joined and then quit about this time.

In the Middle Eastern Kingdoms, the East African War continued, with the focus being on the naval battle, while the nation of Signar began some projects. E Chip then objected to Bowswer5's war against France, claiming that Bowswer was incapable of moving hundreds of thousands of troops onto France in one move. Bowswer5 maintained that it was quite realistic because time had passed since the modern era.

Meanwhile, AmunRa proposed another change to the management structure witht he recreation of the Chief Executive Officer position and the following of the Cult of Justice, back in the Central Republic, increased, as did the erratic behavior of the leader of Guatemala. The people of Zargaria desired for Pride to visit them and for improved relations with the nation of the Philippines, to the tune of a non-aggression pact, a reduced tariff agreement and the expansion of Ultima Corporation into the nation. Romania also established a spy agency.

Back to Bowswer5 and France, Bowswer was heavily criticized by severla players for declaring war on France, since 123xyz8 had only recently started there and thus could not mount a defense. Bowswer justified his actions through 123's inactivity in the game.

F3nr3l's Australia began funding research into treating congenital diseases and several other projects, while in the Central Republic, projects for spies and an identification database began as the situation with Guatemala tensed up.

A fingerprint, used in the database.

Two projects in Zargaria also finished. Canada also adopted supply-side economics. Romania hunted terrorists. In the Republic of India, work on the Mastodon Line began. In Aiur, miscellaneous improvements occurred.

One of the improvements was the creation of a short takeoff landing helicopter with two engines. E Chip said that the second engine would be too heavy for short takeoff landing to work, but Bismarck interjected with the claim that it was possible because of the futuristic environment. Bowswer, still upset over E Chip's commentary over his invasion of France, supported Bismarck against E Chip, leading to a long and pointless argument. In the end, Scorched did reclassify the helicopter in question and asked E Chip not to make further comments, even though it was Bismarck and bowswer who escalated the argument.

The Republic of India then began another project and construction of an Aiurian embassy in Zargaria began. However, the embassy was in Brazil. Scorched gave Teran Marine permission to carry his nation from Taiwan over to a nation in Brazil, in the interest of giving Teran an expansion path. Rpvictor pointed out that there already was a player in Brazil, albeit an inactive player. An effort was made to contact the player, although it proved fruitless for the time being.

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The Republic of India constructed a space elevator and made arrangements with Zargaria in regards to a space program. Meanwhile, the Middle Eastern Kingdoms worked on reviving the Space Coalition, which was a joint space research organization before it fell into disrepair. One project, was establishment of a base on a moon of Mars, prompting Teran Marine and Djinn Spell to reaffirm their claims to Mars. Zargaria then improved their energy infrastructure and the Goldenrock Islands landed a vessel on Mars, with attempt to colonize. A brief argument arose over the viability of the method through which the vessel was landed, namely the efforts of a single company without any government funding, eventually leading to the voiding of the colonization attempts.

The government of Romania began to develop nuclear weapons and several failed annexation attempts began. Romania also attempted to purchase massive quantities of weapons, but cancelled the order when it was revealed that the costs would be massive.

What Bugman almost was.

The nation of Afghanistan also began a massive spy satellite project and the Middle Eastern Kingdoms researched speeds faster-than-light. The Republic of India also began developing colonies and started two new projects and J-KIDU started work on a space station. The United States began work with Venus and Russia began work with Uranus. The European Republic began establish space stations over Uranus, Neptune and Pluto and improved its spy agencies. After requests from J-KIDU and Russia, Uranus and Neptune were changed to Ceres and Saturn. After a further request from the Republic of India, the two nations split control of Ceres. Aiur then completed several projects.

NASA then announced the detection of a large meteor preparing to impact Earth in ten years. Several proposals were made on dealing with the asteroid, although it was eventually decided that projectiles would be fired at it to change its path. The strategy was ultimately successful.

Meanwhile, in Australia, nanites capable of delivering information on a human's vitals, healing wounds and transmitting information at extremely fast speeds. J-KIDU and Zargaria also began a project together. Nondescript joined as Spain and Bismarck II began several miscellaneous, secretive projects.

Lastly, several planets were unofficially claimed by several players.

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Bismarck controlled Russia in a weapons deal, despite him not having the authority to do so. Zargaria announced the completion of several miscellaneous projects and India announced some machines designed for toxin removal. Australia also began a project. The Middle Eastern Kingdoms announced progress in colonization of the moons of Saturn.

The planet Saturn.

The earlier asteroid was succesfully deflected and a plot was begun for the asteroid to contain an alien life form which somehow made it to Earth, although this plot was later cancelled. Aiur also made several military purchases from J-KIDU. India worked on utilizing the winds and gas of Jupiter for fuel. The Middle Eastern Kingdoms announced progress on developing faster-than-light speeds and the North African Republic began a secret project.

Rache Glock gave himself an extraordinarily large gross domestic project, which was later reduced, and Aiur began Project Ragnarok. India began another hidden project. Bismarck said that Rache Glock had not dealt with an insurgency problem given earlier. Rache Glock stated that he had given his solution to the problem via private message. AmunRa promptly voided the contents of the message.

Australia ordered Japanese military equipment and Romania began a propragnda campaign. Canada attempted to create ancient Greek warriors by shooting their soldiers, and bought spacecraft from the Middle Eastern Kingdoms. Chaos also began to increase in Guatemala. The Middle Eastern Kingdoms began work on space elevators. The Central Republic declassified some projects and began establishing their own defense companies. Taiwan became J-KIDU's protectorate.

Finland announced the development of a supersoldier serum. The Democratic Republic of the Congo began the colonization of Mercury.

AmunRa then began the election for a new CEO. Eventually, Rpvictor was chosen. Rpvictor his war with Guatemala, which lasted over 100 pages. Australia worked on satellites and tried, but failed, to claim an asteroid family. Afghanistan also began preparing for a war with Iran. India also requested for the Maldives to become their protectorate.

Cyber, cyber, cyber strikes~

E Chip then began the moderation of Bowswer's war on France. Due to several miscommunications and E Chip's spotty activity, the war lasted over 100 pages. Eventually, the war was autoresolved. Canada began designing weapons and Signar began a project called 'the Ark.'

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Canada offered to assist Signar on their war against Britain in exchange for land, and Signar accepted. Australia asked New Zealand to annex, which was approved. India purchased the land of Western Australia from f3nr3l for approximately a trillion dollars. India then began another hidden project and E Chip and Bismarck got in an argument over whether electronic warfare craft could effectively fill offensive and defensive functions.

Bismarck, Sithlord Man and E Chip were then all chosen as moderators and India started a secret project. A Fancy Hat, one of Margerald's side accounts, then joined as Ukraine and began eletromagnetic pulse defense. Papa New Guinea also allowed Australian factories and mines to set up.

Due to arguments over GEAR, moderation decided to void the entire war and split the nation up, due to constant changes on GEAr's strength. Upon Sithlord's complaints, they changed it to allow any participant out who wanted out. Glock took this option, leaving it as Sithlord vs GEAR.

Chocomucho2 then tried to join as Germany, although the land was already claimed. The North African Republic then attempted to establish relations in Europe and reduced the size of its reserve military. India announced improvements in androids and Chocomucho2 joined as Chile. Ukraine and Russia formally became allies.

Chile then worked on creating refineries as well as a space program and foreign relations. It also claimed it had biological weaponry, although this was voided. They established alliances with India and the Middle Eastern Kingdoms and claimed some fictional islands. The Second Cold War also began and the Middle Eastern Kingdoms announced that one of their probes had gone exo-solar.

Map of the Second Cold War.

Australia purchased weapons systems from India and the Middle Eastern Kingdoms announced galactic exploration cooperation between itself and India. Bishop Farma also started as Denmark and tried to claim Estonia and Latvia, although his claims were voided. The Demarchy, wishing to remain neutral, temporarily abandoned its bases in Axis or Ally affiliated lands. The Demarchy then annexed Morocco and began changing the climate of the Sahara.

India worked on faster-than-light technology, with Saudi aid.

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Ukraine's control of some of the troops of Belarus was voided. Indian space colonies showed significant growth. Margerald, using another side account, then started in France. He quickly switched to South Africa. The United Arab Emirates then annexed into the Middle Eastern Kingdoms and the Maldives became the protectorate of India.

Bishop Farma then godmodded his annexation of part of Sweden, which was voided. Romania and Ukraine then created some alliance between the two, consisting of a non-aggression pact and a 20% reduction in trade taxes. The Sri Lankan War then began. Chocomucho2 tried to invade Bolivia, but his dclaration was voided. Australia then began several miscellaneous projects.

The thread temporarily focused on a new player who had numerous problems in his application, including starting in claimed land. Several wars continued and Bishop Farma restarted on the alien planets of Severette and Eclaim, and Signar attempted to take Denmark. Moldova annexed into Romania. South Africa asked Swaziland and Lesotho to become protectorates, but they declined.

A tank from the war.

The Middle Eastern Kingdoms established the first space colony outside of the solar system. Aax5 started in Peru and Indonesia made several special economic zones. Cardnals100 then unfroze her nation and resumed the war against Namibia. Ukraine then established a mutual defense pact with Slovakia and made a protectorate of Belarus.

Misgard then asked Sweden to become a protectorate, which was accepted. Signar announced the completion of generic military projects. Rpvictor then voided the protectorateship of Sweden and Belarus, and the conquest of Denmark.

India began to improve their infrastructure and Romania worked on some secretive project.

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Indonesia tried to entice students to focus more on education and improved their water sanitation. Japan, India and Severette began secret projects. South Africa also requested several reductions in trade tax and mutual defence pacts, the overwhelming majority of which were accepted. They then annexed some insignficant islands. South Africa and Chile then promised not to attack each other. India began another hidden project and Olaf godmodded events in Sweden.

Aax5 claimed that he had landd on the moon. Holy Axe01 then joined in the Congo. F3nr3l then restarted as the Ere Empire, a nation in space. He worked on infrastructure improvements. South Africa gained another insigificant island and Namibia annexed into Angola. The European Republic also declared war on Denmark. A long argument than began over whether nations kept their territories. It was eventually decided that they did not.

Aax5 worked on developing their military, which was heavily StarCraft based. Saudi Arabia expanded space colonies. The Ere Empire began designing satellites. E Chip than banned Margerald for a week for using multiple accounts. The European Republic conquered Denmark and asked several other states to become protectorates. Austria and Belgium agreed. Meanwhile, the British-French War finally ended after Bismarck auto-resolved it.

A baneling from StarCraft2.

Then, Ranthar Wane returned as the United Calaquendi Realm. Luimnigh and Bowswer then argued over their power projection capabilities. The Ere Empire began some project and made contact with the European Republic.

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Scorched implemented a new policy allowing for auto-resolve of wars. The Ere Empire and European Republic secretly make contact. Aax5 sent agents to try and cause unrest in Ecuador. The Ere Empire then increased police funding and worked on their space program. Avalon then announced its completion of a space military vessel and began two secretive projects.

The European Republic then announcd the discovery of minerals on the Ere Empire to be used in making laser weaponry. They then engaged with discussion with Misgard over colonization of Mercury. Canada then began working on electronic warfare defense and Legless562 joined as Casponia, in Argentina. Casponia began several miscellaneous economic projects.

The North African Republic began another hidden project. Misgard then declared war on Sweden. Canada and the European Republic condemned Misgard over it. The European Republic then began constructing shipyards and tried to claim Bishop Farma's land. Meanwhile, the Ere Empire began state-sponsored racism and worked on weapons of mass destruction.

Signar began colonizing Pluto. The Ere Empire began using propaganda and created kinetic bombardment satellites. Avalon asked several islands and Northern Australia to become their protectorates. Most of the islands agreed, but the rest declined. The Central Republic began their OBRIP project, although it was later cancelled.

A satellite. Satellites were used in OBRIP.

The United Calaquendi Realm experimented with laser weaponry. Meanwhile, tensions between Misgard and the European Republic were at odds over the recent Swedish invasion. The European Republic threatened to declare war on Misgard if they continued, and even went so far as to hire Casponians to cater the war, should the need arise. The real reason for the tensions was Luimnigh threatening to inform Rache Glock of a plot, led by Pen, eo destroy the North African Republic. Tensions defused shortly afterwards.

Rache Glock, much to his joy, discovered that he was responsible for the North Atlantic Conflicts. The Demarchy started a project and colonized a solar system. They started another project shortly after, designed to cause a massive war. Immediately after this, f3nr3l tried to create the impression that he was plotting against Olaf. Ironically, Glock's plan called for tensions between the two nations.

Casponia then got free trade with other nations and began working on a railway. Legless tried to create a random event, but it was voided. The European Republic also attempted to increase its relations with Poland, but Poland declined. The Swedish War also continued.

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The European Republic announced the completion of their military line, which borrowed heavily from that of RachemetallundGlock. They then vacated their Egyptian bases. Canada planted some agents in Misgard in an attempt to cause unrest, but they failed. Canada then refused to sell Misgard any maple syrup. The Ere Empire un-racism-ed their nation and the United Calaquendi Realm started three projects.

The Guatemalan War finally ended after 113 pages and Misgard attempted to purchase the surrender of the President of Sweden. Although initially accepted, it was reversed on later decision. It was then discovered that Sweden had been massively underpowered, and the war was voided.

The Central Republic posted updated on several projecs. Madagascar became an Indian protectorate. The European Republic put shields on their spaceships and the North African Republic expanded their weather control program, even cooperating with the Central Republic on it. A debate then began on the definitions of various space vessels.
Space cruiser

A Space Cruiser orbits Earth.

Aax5 tried to sell weapons to dangerous people in Ecuador. Bowswer traded a colony on Pluto for faster-than-light technology. Meanwhile, the East African War finally ended, after about 200 pages. Tensions then increased between Sithlord Man and Rache Glock. The Middle Eastern Kingdoms then began the long road to rebuilding.

The Ere Empire and the Middle Eastern Kingdoms established trade. The Central Republic wsa 'blacklisted' by Severette and Eclaim for declining a mutual defence pact. The European Republic rented some Saudi shipyards and India and Egypt began some secretive projects.

El Salvador and Honduras became Central Republic protectorates, and Casponian plans for a railway ran into funding difficulties. Canada then purchased production rights to obsolete spacehsips. Avalon asked its protectorates to annex, but all declined, narrowly.

The European Republic then attacked the Netherlands, although the war backfired. The North African Republic also began their Skynet program, which was a massive radar and jammer array in space. The Imperial Arean empire, formerly the Ere Empire, began creating supersoldiers and several nations improved their space colonies and space militaries.