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This article contains a summary of the events during NC35, with context explained, as well as details that were not listed on the thread. This article is being created for future reference.

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Pen Par, wanting to increase his population from 450 million to 1 billion by the end of the thread, enacted policies to increase the population. Specifically, he taxed contraceptives, had his health ministry advise against the use of contraceptives, and encouraged reproduction of public school students. He was informed before adoption of the policies that it would lead to massive societal problems.

Meanwhile, in the planet Zarg, the Imperial Arean Empire uncovered evidence that the Republic of Taz was conspiring to remove the Taisho Empire, a superpower on the planet. Thanks to the the sharing of the evidence with Taisho forces, the conspiracy was thwarted. Throughout this, the Imperial Aerean Empire had been constructing attack satellites, improving a colony on other planet and increasing trade with nations on Earth, especially Poland.

Lone Satellite.

Simultaneously, Afghanistan purchased more military equipment, in preparation of their invasion of Iran.

An argument also erupted between Sithlord Man, Bismarck II and Rache Glock. Previously, the three has debated regarding the classifications of space vessels. Sithlord Man created an official list, but Rache Glock insisted on using his own classification system. Both Sithlord Man and Bismarck II were irritated over his decision, although the situation later cooled down when Rache Glock returned the nation of South Sudan to Sithlord Man. (Rache Glock had previously threatened to invade the Middle Eastern Kingdoms, Sithlord Man's country, unless he received South Sudan.) The voiding of Omnicide, the explosion of the entire mega-nation of GEAR, also helped to cool tensions.

After this, Bismarck II declared war on Pakistan, which he took with 3,800,000 casualties and reformed his nation into an Empire, while Rpvictor narrated Pen Par's previous war on the Netherlands. Due to several mistakes, the Netherlands had stopped the European Republic's offensive, forcing the Republic to stop the attack. Canada offered to assist the European Republic before they surrendered.

Pen Par then claimed a gross domestic product over 150 trillion, citing the annexation of a nation of semi-sentient simians on another planet. Rpvictor consequently voided the annexation. Shortly after, the European Republic and the North African Republic obtained a non-aggression pact. After that, Austria annexed into the European Republic, having been their protectorate for years. Lastly, they constructed more space shipyards for military production.

Jd, started in the Republic of the Congo and Margerald, after starting on another planet and Panama, finally restarted in Venezuela. Casponia also finished a transnational railroad, with support from the North African Republic. The nation of Signar, also improved their artificial intelligence program. The European Republic and Empire of Avalon followed Signar's lead. train

Just before going hypersonic. No one survived the ride.

Margerald then proceeded to ask the United States for a mutual defense pact and a 25% reduced tariff agreement. The United States declined the former but accepted the latter. Next, reduced tariff agreements and mutual proection pacts were asked for with Suriname, Columbia, Guyana and French Guiana. All accepted the former but declined the latter. An NAP with Casponia was also desired and was later accepted. The European Republic made several protectorate offers immediately after. Switzerland the Czech Republic agreed.

Next, the Republic of India asked for the protectorateships of North Australia and South Australia. Rpvictor had Southern Australia agree while North Australia declined, due to the size of Bismarck's nation. The two argued intensely over that.

Afterwards, Afghanistan, controlled by Volcano1qaz, declared war on Iran. It first attacked Iranian computer networks and then fired missiles at air-to-air missile sites, anti-missile sites, surface-to-air missiles sites and radar stations. 400,000 men, 300 armored units and 400 airplanes, half of which were attack craft while the other half were electronic countermeasuares or counter-countermeasures craft, advanced into Iran.

More treaty requests followed. Venezuela sought non-aggression pacts with Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana while the Imperial Arean Empire sought a reduced tariff agreement, non-aggression pact and mutual defence pact with the Island Republic of Manchoo. (All were accepted besides the non-aggresion pact with Guyana and the mutual defence pact with Manchoo.) The Republic of the Congo then offered reduced tariff agreements to all superpowers and all African nations, shortly after saying that his economy was 'awful.' Margerald responded with, "I think you just called your economy a piece of crap then asked for a NAP with every African you want to die? Honest question here." Pen Par and Bismarck II were furious over the comment, decrying Margerald as arrogant and a bully. The both of them proceeded to increase military space vessel production while Bismarck also made more civilian transport ships and Pen Par colonized more planets. The United Calaquendi Realm also worked on colonization and contacting other nations, such as Avalon. The two later met to discuss

Shaking hands, which frequently occurs after signing a treaty.

Next, Pen Par claimed a 4% annual GDP growth rate, giving him a per capita of over 200k. After complaints from Bowswer5 and Bismarck II, Rpvictor lowered Pen Par's growth, saying that 200k was what he might have after the next thread. Upon further complaints, Rpvictor began an investigation of all gross domestic products.

Greenland then became Olaf's protectorate and the government created businesses in Avalon, then privatizing them. Rache Glock then created his Skynet project, allowing him to quickly find alien life.In the Imperial Arean Empire, a new leaader came into power, and quickly set about increasing the power of his family, changing the national flag to his own symbol and forcing the military to swear loyalty not to the nation but to him.

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Legless then finished a project to have 1% of his population in the military. He also constructed stealth bombing aircraft and military space vessels.

Margerald then claimed the Galapagos Islands, although the claim was later revoked. He also to create a non-aggression pact and reduced tariff agreement with Trinidad and Tobago and establishing embassies with Trinidad and Tobago, Suriname and French Guiana. The non-aggression pact and reduced tariff agreement were agreed to.

Meanwhile, objections were raised to the European Republic's policies to increase their population, which was quickly abandoned, and the European Republic, boasting over 200 space military vessels, joined the war on Iran. Legless also announced a project to create spaceships, which was objected to.

Little ship didn't make it out of the way in time.

Meanwhile, conflicts began regarding the Falkland Islands, as both Casponia and Signar attempted to claim it. Avalon also attempted to intervene, but quickly cancelled the move, supporting Signar's claim to the land in exchange for establishment of an Avalonian base and Signar allowing Casponian trade vessels to move through the area. All nations involved agreed initially.

The North African Republic and Avalon then began a project called Order 46 together, with Avalon including 'Death from Germany' after the project name. The European Republic, newly renamed the Vasari Empire, panicked. They retreated from Afghanistan and began two projects. The North African Republic mobilized for a battle. The Vasari Empire mobilized all of their superweapons and Avalon did today. The North African Republic denied German ships access to their waters while Avalon merely imposed strict searches. Avalon then announced intent to defeat the Vasari Empire as it saw fit. Pen Par declared war but quickly retracted it.

Pen's reaction to Order 46

Meanwhile, Canada began work on androids and the Central Republic began two classified projects. The Middle Eastern Kingdoms improved their space fleets and Margerald's nation establish a non-aggression pact with Guyana and an agreement to create a bridge from Venezuela to Trinidad and Tobago, with financial assistance from Avalon.

Casponia then asked to be removed from their deal regarding Falklands, as they had established oil rigs in the surrounding area, which had not been specifically covered in the arrangement. (Legless's wish for re-negotiations was sparked by a conversation with Rpvictor, where Rpvictor told him that he should have held out for the oil rigs in negotiations.) Signar held its claim and the N.A.R stated that it would defend Signar's claim if need be. Avalon then said that rights to the oil rigs did belong to Casponia, according to the deal. Casponia agreed much later.

The N.A.R then proceeded to increase funding for cyber warfare, electronic warfare, and the construction of their space miliary. Avalon worked on education, space colony defence and the Retraction project. Meanwhile, Afghanistan did fairly well in its war against Iran and El Salvador and Honduras anenxed into the Central Republic.

Pen Par and Bismarck II then argued over who was in possession of a larger space fleet, with Pen Par maintaining he had greater funding while Bismarck II maintainted that he had greater production power due to his large population. Pen Par cited Rpvictor's in-game statements that having population play a large part in determining growth rates would be overpowered to counter Bismarck. F3nr3l then asked the two to stop their arguments, prompting Glock to threaten to invade f3n, to which f3n responded flippantly.

The Vasari Empire then began improving their defence capabilities and started a new project, while the N.A.R just started a new project. Avalon announced the start of a project while Signar announced a massive network of defensive satellites. They also began project '64' in response to earlier actions by Avaln and the N.A.R. The N.A.R in turn initiated plan '4.6'

Keep looking - you'll go insane sooner or later.

The Central Republic then posted their space military inventory, as did Avalon and Signar, both claiming massively higher numbers than any other nation. Meanwhile, anti-government rebels sprung up in the Imperial Arean Empire, Midgard added compulsory military service as a punishment, and the Vasari Empire announced the creation of inexpensive EMP-proof battle droids. Rache Glock protested this, resulting in Rpvictor's voiding of the droids' EMP-proofing ability.

Margerald's nation of the Republic of Venezuela then asked for a tariff reduction and mutural defense agreement with Zargaria and a rariff reduction with Casponia as a small argument began over ownership of the Faroe Islands. It was later shown that the Faroes were an indepenent nation, albeit a small one. Signar, the Vasari Empire, the N.A.R, and Avalon then began secret projects. Casponia also began a project to create a weapon known as a Ray Sphere. The Ray Sphere would cause two massive explosions, one at the site of the Ray Sphere and then another 24 hours later, wherever the triggerer was. Both would release biological agents as well. Relations betwen Avalon and Thailand also improved.

Avalon then attempted to create a free trade agreement between Avalon and Oceania. Venezuela-Trinidad and Tobago relations improved and the Casponian government subsidized thousands of shops. Venezuela then sought non-aggression agreements with St. Vincent and the Grenadines and Grenada. The agreements were accepted. The United Calaquendi Realm began a secretive project of their own.

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The N.A.R abruptly changed their form of government. Now, it would be a pure democracy, with neural implats subconcisously getting citizen's votes. In accordance with the change, the N.A.R changed their name to the Demarchy and started two new hidden projets, and focusing on developing elite spacecraft over numerous craft, including the long-distance gunboat. Avalon followed suit in spacecraft, and began working on defending their colonies.
Space Battle not so WIP by theregisteredone

Avalon's 4th Fleet

Meanwhile, the Middle Eastern Kingdoms annexed Jordan and Oman, the Central Republic announced research into battle droids, and Afghanistan made prgress in its war against Iran.

Then, Avalon attempted to annex the Danish Interplanetary Kingdom, making it a state. After a long debate between Bismarck II and Rpvictor, AmunRa voided the action.

The Vasari Empire next started two secret projects, and began work on EMP resistance. Rache Glock then claimed that the economic damage to the Vasari Empire would be enormous, as their space fleet ws now larger than America's, according to Bismarck II. Signar then completed one project and finished three others.

Bowswer5 and Rache Glock then got in an argument over whether it was necesary to post your military space inventory on the thread regularly. Although Rpvictor stated that it was not necessary, Rache Glock posted his counts anyway.

Afghanistan then conquered Iran, although Volcano1qaz was upset that Rpvictor had gone easy on him. The Imperial Arean Empire then constructed trade ships, and the Central Republic cut taxes and cut their spac military development, to fund space colonization.

Meanwhile, Signar began a secretive attempt to colonize Qwantum, Casponia researched stem cells and Avalon began the Sea Hawk project, which would have significant consequences.

Avalon then annpunced intentions to make a protectorate of Northern Australia, annex South Australia and make a protectorate of Thailand. Only Northern Australia accepted. Venezuela also attempted to get more tariff reductions and the Middle eastern Kingdoms funded space stations. Afghanistan changed its name to the New Persian Empire and a suspicious broadcast was intercepted from some environmenta; group calling themselves "the Eklin, the most feared Empire in the Universe."

Canada then asked for Greenland to annex, to which Greenland accepted.


The Vasari Empire then began projects Dead Nile and Rocky Ocean. Immediately after, the Demarchy revealed that Plan 4.6 pertained to something called the 'Kraut-Killer.' The German project Dead Nile and the Egyptian project 4.6 were both fake, designed to fool the other into taking preventitive measures. Neither party fell for the ruse.

DragonDemon then joined as Draconia, beginning projects into researching nanotechnology, economic improvements and other such measures. The Demarchy gave Draconia some slightly more advanced technology then what Draconia already had, in the interests of establishing diplmatic relations between the two nations.

Rache Glock and Pen Par then both stated intentions to create a war in the interests of alleviating their boredom as the Demarchy allows the Middle Eastern Kingdoms to co-operate on weather control technology in exchange for 'warpgate' and spaceship speed technology. The Middle Eastern Kingdoms began some other miscellaneous space research. The United Calaquendi Realm then worked on weather control and counter weather control measures. Avalon followed the Calaquendi lead and then began a project, followed by several other hidden projects. The Vasari Empire then began a plethora of secretive projects and asked Switzerland and the Czech Empire to annex.

The Imperial Arean Empire continued by raising taxes and expanding medical entitlement programs and government subsidizing of business. The Middle Eastern Kingdoms researched miscellaneous weapon systems. Venezuela attempted to improve its diplomatic relations with several miscellaneous nations and Avalon began yet another secretive project, resulting in the annexation of Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada becoming their protecotrate and miscellaneous tariff reductions and non-aggression deals.


The Central Republic Military holds it's ground at the Battle of the Carnival

The Central Republic then declared war on Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica, at the same time and began the covert operation 'Bleeding Heart' and a project to create floating supply ships. The Central Republic took all of the lands, resulting in 250,000 deaths, 400,000 injured and trillions in damages.

Avalon then unveiled their Sea Hawk project to be the conquest of the Panama Canal. Bismarck then attempted to trade control of the Canal to Rpvictor in exchange for allowing Bismarck to expand into North America, but Rpvictor declined as through prior discussions with Sith, Sea Hawk had already been voided. Not only had there been several problems in the Sea Hawk project, but Bismarck had declined to give any specifics on his project. Further, Rpvictor had actually found out about Bismarck's project ahead of time after being tipped off by Pen Par to the plan. Rpvictor's earlier Bleeding Heart project was his far more specific counter to Sea Hawk. Needless to say, Sea Hawk was voided, but remained an issue of tension between Rpvictor and Bismarck.

Venezuela then sent troops to the Middle Eastern Kingdoms for training and Canada gave Greenland and the Queen Elizabeth Islands to the Demarchy in exchange for rights to reproduce some Rachemetallundglock equipment.

Meanwhile, the Demarchy declared war on the Imperial Arean Empire. The Demarchy send long-distance attack spacecraft and electronic warfare craft. Arean craft attempted to shoot down the Demarchy charft with experimental defensive measures and counter the Demarchy electronic warfare. The Areans then tried to use invisible spacecraft and the Demarchy attacked the Arean lunar colony. The much more advanced Demarchy prospered in their every endeavor.

Then, the Areans planted nuclear bombs in their cities, which exploded during transport. They also began sending guerilla warfare teams into the jungles. The Demarchy then destroyed the Imperial Arean Empire's space capabilties.


The Demarchy then landed on the Arean home planet, crushing them. The Areans attempted to ram their spaceships into Demarchy satellites, but they had lost all of their spaceships by then. Additionally, the Areans attempted to organize their guerilla warfare strikes, but they had also lost all of their command and control capabilities. The Imperial Arean Empire had fallen to the Demarchy.

F3nr3l restarted on the Republic of Argonia, on the planet Jaska. The Argonians quickly did infrastructure upgrades, funded schools and their police, but also raised taxes and began subsidizing business.

The Vasari Republic then asked for three lands to annex, another to become a protectorate, and tried to improve relations with Poland. (All but two accepted the deals.) In addition, they began building a network of underground bunkers and tunnels.

The Demarchy then announced that they had created a supercomputer the size of a planet and tried to make protectorates out of Spain and Portugal, to which both nations declined. The Central Republic began two secret projects. The Vasari Empire then tried to build relations with Spain and Portugal, to prevent Demarchy expansion into those lands. In response, the Demarchy attempted to build relations with the Czech Republic and the Netherlands, which the Vasari Empire had been attempting to annex. Venezuela then asked several miscellaneous island nations for improved relations in various ways.
Metal planet

A planet made out of metal. Possible the supercomputer.

Avalon then began working on their own research facility to built the Middle Eastern Kingdoms' facility, and asked part of Australia to annex, as well as beginning two more secret projects. Signar announced the completion of plasma shielding and Pen Par, upset over a joke, began an inquisition into space colony expansion rates.

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Bismarck and Bowswer got in an argument over the power of Bowswer's nation, which resulted in growing concern about the amount of arguments in Nation Creation. Bismarck then, as a joke, posted that by his authority Rpvictor had been removed from moderation due to him failing to comply with a non-existent rule. The thread was in hysteria until Rpvictor assured them that Bismarck was just joking.

The Vasari Empire then declared war on the Demarchy, partially out of boredom, partially thinking that the Demarchy had forced Canada to surrender Greenland and partly due to a lack of self-esteem. (For extensive details on the war, see the War of the Psychopaths.) The Vasari Empire's first strike was centered only on Greenland.

Venezuela sought improved relations with various islands, an accepted annexation of Grenada being the only important one, and Avalon began to send more money to Volcano1qaz's nation of Persia.


Last known photo of the 142nd Vasari Tank Corps. Lost in the Sahara.

Back to the war, the Demarchy retaliated by unveiling the real purpose of their Skynet project - creation of an electronic warfare satellite network, particular adept at jamming. They also used kinetic bombardment to attack the German fleet. The Demarchy began a program to destroy all Vasari ships using the Suez Canal, but due to a previous embargo, there were none. Regardless, the policy was retracted.

Avalon tried to catch foreign spies and acquired Thailand and South Australia as protectorates.

Again with the war, the Vasari Empire attempted to use the superior range of their spacecraft to defeat the Demarchy attack. They also began using their particle cannon to attack the Demarchy fleet and requested superpower intervention due to the threat to attack German ships using the Suez. They also began expanding their offensive from Greenland to the entire Demarchy.

Then, Casponia asked Uruguay to annex and Bolivia and Paraguay to become protectorates. Casponia also developed a modified healing gauze. Casponia then sent their troops to train in Venezuelan jungles and the United Calaquendi Realm.

The Vasari Empire then attcked Finland in an attempt to recruit Finland into its side of the war. However, they ended up attacking Sweden, not Finland.

Avalon and Argonia worked on their troop training programs as Persia attacked Armenia and Azerbaijan, which went relatively well. Venezuela attempted to improve relations with island nations again and Rpvictor began his moderation of the War of the Psychopaths, claiming the Demarchy was crushing the Vasari Empire due to Skynet. Teran Marine then voided Skynet, instituting a new rule that all superweapons needed to be public knowledge.

Persia began to create a spaceship to support their entire nation in the event of a catastrophe and Draconia landed a man on their moon and started several miscellaneous projects.

Proof of a lunar landing.

Pen Par then criticized Rpvictor for his bias in moderating the war, although later inquiry revealed that the examples of bias on his part where either due to confusion on Pen Par's part or due to him editing his post after it had already been moderated. Bismarck II and Bowswer5 later accused Rpvictor of bias, but neither was able to demonstrate an acceptable example. Pen Par and Ranthar Wane then claimed that jamming was not a form of electronic warfare.

Venezuela continued its policy of seeking treaties with microstates, and a Devoqaean prince developed Gender Identity Disorder. The Middle Eastern Kingdoms continued their scientific projects. The Persian war against Armenia and Azerbaijan also continued, although progress slowed.

In accordance with Teran Marine's superpower rule, Bismarck II revealed two of his superweapons to be two near undetectable viruses, one biological and one electronic. It was claimed that both had infected or had the capability of quickly infecting most of the world. The two superweapons were nerfed for being overpowered.

Rache Glock then revealed his 'Melding Virus', which was nanotechnology that would attempt to combine with other nanotechnology, resulting in mutilations for any organism with cybernetic implants.

Meanwhile, the Canadians made contact with a race of tribal monkeys that had developed prehistoric weaponry.

Rpvictor then declassified all of his projects, including biological and chemical weaponry, specialized nanites, an anti-air network, bioengineered supersoldiers and technology that would stop planetary rotation on its axis.

The War of the Psycopaths was then narrated, with several Vasari offensives being repelled by the Demarchy and the main Demarchy offensive on the brink of being shut down. The Demarchy then began countering the remaining offensives and pushed harder on their own offensives. Lastly, they began organizing their space fleet at Mars, to push their way through the Vasari space colonies.

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Venezuela created military satellites and the Central Republic created military bases in Cuba.

The flag of Cuba.

The United Calaquendi Realm announced the completion of a megaproject whose subprojects included creating cybernetic supersoldiers, a cybernetic populace, a hive-mind and mental interface with electronics, and massive work on their space fleet and teleportation.

Meanwhile, the Storm of Olympus occurred in Avalon's land, the War of the Psychopaths continued and Venezuela continued arrangements with micronations. Draconia worked on plasma technology and Casponia expanded their railways.

In the War of the Psychopaths, all of the Vasari offensives ended, while the Demarchy offensive began making headway. The Vasari and Demarchy fleets were reenacting Jutland outside Martian orbit.

Meanwhile, Avalon tried to make unofficial protectorates of six Oceanian nations and Bowswer5 accused Rpvictor of bias in war narration. Persia tried to buy propulsion technology, terraformation technology, colonization technology and other miscellaneous technology from other nations. Signar developed technology making intergalactic travel feasible by use of dimension shifting. Signar and Avalon then began several projects. F3n's nation tried to expand, as did Canada.

In the War of the Psychopaths, Pen Pan claimed error in Rpvictor's narration and began utilizing more of their troops and nuclear weapons. Rache Glock did his best to counter and appealed to the superpowers for assistance.

Legless described his Ray Sphere and Pen Par began two secret projects.

Pen Par and Rache Glock continued their battle, with Pen Par attempting to retreat his space fleet of the solar system to create the illusion that it was totally defeated. Persia took Armenia and Azerbaijan and Draconia worked on several projects relevant to their space military. The Vasari Empire then launched nuclear warheads of five to thirty-five megatons and missiles carrying ebola into the Demarchy. Pen Par claimed that he was driving himself and Glock off of Nation Creation ‘for the good of the thread.’

What would have been just one of the thousands of nuclear detonations that fateful day.

The United Calaquendi Realm then claimed the development of three combat suits, one being general purpose, one being for extreme heat and the other being for stealth.

Rache Glock proceeded to claim that the Vasari Empire did not have the aircraft left to launch the missiles and that the Demarchy could have neutralized the missiles regardless. He then asked if Pen Par was aware of the ramifications of so many nukes on the climate. Pen Par stated that he was. Ranthar Wane then claimed that Pen Par’s actions would be voided as it would cause a mass extinction. Akuma Zero then stated that the Vasari Empire had become ‘the new North Korea’ and had been embargoed by 97% of the world.

The Demarchy again requested foreign aid in combating the Vasari Empire and the Vasari Empire’s space fleet retreated into uncharted solar systems.

Casponia then grew paranoid about a possible Venezuelan attack.

Pen Par then quit Nation Creation, giving most of his land to the United States of America in violation of the rules. The Finnish or Midgard, who received Germany, Denmark and Mercury from the war, then attempted to obtain the former Vasari superweapons.

Avalon attempted to gain control of Rotterdam and put more funding into their space military, which Midgard accepted. Olaf then expressed his frustration at Pen’s quitting, lamenting his inability to use a computer until it was too late and swore that he would avenge Pen Par. AmunRa then implemented a new system, known as a council, to gather player feedback on events.

The Demarchy and Avalon then began planting explosives under their military bases as part of a mutually assured destruction plan, called MAD. mi

Go ahead, step on it.

Rpvictor and Bismarck then got into a long argument regarding whether Bismarck’s economic growth rates were overpowered.

Bowswer5 then went ballistic that nobody had attempted to talk Pen out of quitting, despite Pen having contemplated quitting for a considerable period of time, claiming the thread would be better off without him and attempting to kill off the entire population of the Earth.

The Signar Empire proceeded to declare war on Sweden and Sithlord Man demanded that Rache Glock reveal the contents of his MAD plan as Casponia asked miscellaneous countries for lower trade tax or protectorate status. The lower trade tax was accepted, but the protectorateship was declined. Non-aggression pacts between Casponia and the other nations were signed.

Luimnigh then asked Bowswer5 not to invade Sweden, claiming it was in his expansion path. Bowswer did not agree. Canada continued developing their relations with tribal extraterrestrial primates. Venezuela then asked island nations for miscellaneous improved relations and Casponia asked the earlier nations for mutual defense agreements. Avalon gave Persia trillions of dollars. Draconia worked on electronic warfare.

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Luimnigh, Bowswer, and f3nr3l then argued over Luimnigh's expansion path and the Demarchy reduced the size of the ground forces of their military by 75%. Avalon did the same. A 'council' was held, although what occurred during it is not known. (Details on this would be great.)

Avalon then received Afghanistan and an island on the Danish Interplanetary Kingdom and the British-Swedish War was narrated, with British victory at the cost of 150,000 lives. The Demarchy began a vague defensive project with Avalon released details on projects to improve spy defence, satellites and kinetic bombardment.

Persia attempted to buy spaceships and Casponia's mutual defense and rail line extension requests were finally accepted. Casponia sold cargo ships to Daconia. Avalon then began work on a Draconian lunar base. Venezuela then launched some of their spy satellites.

Argonia constructed more nuclear plants and Avalon began researching wormholes and some reconaisance operations. Persia then purchased Middle Eastern Kingdom spaceships.

A visualization of a wormhole.

Pen Par then began a vote on whether or not to restart, which found significant support. Avalon asked Malaysia and Indonesia to become protectorates. The Danish Interplanetary Kingdom became Devoqaea, a nation using Nazi propaganda tactics. Bishop Farma then restarted as the Republic of Columbia. Venezuela and Columbia got trade tax reductions and a non-aggression pact. Casponia worked on controlling the drug trade.

Draconia constructed research facilities and designed some spaceships and Venezuela asked for various island nations to annex. Columbia began cutting down trees and trying to improve relations with Ecuador.

Casponia declared war on Chile, but all wars were frozen shortly after, to make way for a coming plot. Columbia then tried to conquer Ecuador. Argonia also began researching genetics. Draconia then worked on an ion cannon. The United Calaquendi Realm also announced miscellaneous projects.

Misgard continued to make weapons stockpiled while a small number of tribes annexed into Argonia. Avalon also asked several states for protectorateship or annexation. Argonia then invaded tribes to annex them.and began torturing all dissidents.

Rpvictor then removed Bismarck II as a moderator, citing a variety of reasons. Bismarck launched an insult-laden retort and Sith, using power that he did not have, suspended both of them. Sith's decision was protested heavily by players.

The United Calaquendi Realm began some miscellaneous projects. Casponia continued its war on Chile and Venezuela asked for improved relations between several island nations. Vrangr Wayne attempted to create a plot, but it went nowhere. Instead, he decided to attack Venezuela, claiming somebody paid him to do it. Tau Signaria then started projects regarding defensive technology and absorbing all light.

Pages 151-167Edit

Casponia and Chile's war progressed, and Pen Par moderated the war between Vrangr Wayne and Margerald, an unprecedented move because he was no longer an active player. Due to Sithlord's earlier suspension, there were no active moderators to stop it. Columbia, meanwhile, cancelled their war on Ecuador. The Calaquendi, now the Borg, cancelled their attack.

A borg.

AmunRa then decided that a restart was in order and began an end-game war. The Borg attempted to destroy Pluto and Uranus, before moving on to the Demarchy, while Venezuela attempted to take Florida. Persia then left the solar system, immediately after firing all of their missiles. Misgard attempted to attack the ship, but Volcano godmodded that it had no effect. Avalon then attempted to blockade the Kuiper Belt and claimed it had the technology to allow for instantaneous mass teleportation over any distance, before attempting biowarfare against Asian nations including China. Godmod wars against non-player countries began en masse. Canada tried to attack Misgard. The Borg planted destructive nanites in the water supplies of 'all major NPC powers' and Venezuela. Misgard then attempted to invade several other non-player countries. Tau Signaria attempted to infiltrate the Demarchy, but Wane claimed that he had already conquered it. Olaf was just about to begin nuclear war when the thread ended.