Many times in the course of the history of the CYOC genre, players have been compared with any number of pop culture icons, TV shows, Movies, and Fictional Characters of all types.


-Omni = The Joker (unpredictability)
-Super = Superman ("super", has friendemy relationship with Batman)
-Ninja = Batman (because Batman was trained by the League of Shadows, who are sort of ninjas)
-Okami = Vandal Savage (bestial; believes in survival of the fittest and trial by natural selection)
-Quill = Lady Shiva (if you fight him, you dun fucked up)
-Gnu = Two-Face (stands for good, can be bad)
-Lsuv = Rorschach (sees things simply)
-E Chip = Captain America (military, American)
-Xenoica = The Hulk (quiet, intelligent)
-Magery = Klarion the Witch Boy (chaotic, magical, has a pet cat)
-Wayne = Iron Man (tech leader)
-Mei = Starfire (princess. 'nuff said)
-Eno = Doctor Fate (Lord of Order, binds himself to others to manifest his powers in the material (NC) world)

Real-Life World LeadersEdit

-Super = Vladimir Putin
-Lsuv = Winston Churchill
-Quill = Sir Richard O'Connor
-E Chip = Dwight Eisenhower
-Omni = Kim Jong Il
-Ninja = Barack Obama
-Bis = Nelson Mandela

Red Vs BlueEdit

•Scorched = Sarge (Red Team Leader))
•Farma = Donut (Red Team)
•Bis = Tucker (Blue Team)
•Quill = O'Mally (AI)
•Leg = Doc (Pacifist)
•Wayne = Grif (Red Team) / York (Freelancer)
•Chip = Tex (Freelance/Blue team)
•Volcano = Simmons (Red Team)
•Pen = Lopez (Red Team)
•Teran = Church (De facto Blue team leader)
•Olaf = Caboose (Blue Team)
•Rp = Delta (AI)
•Bowser = CT (Freelance)
•Omni = Red Flag Zealot (THE FLAG)
•Cards = South Dakota (Freelance)
•Marge = Wyoming (Freelance)

South ParkEdit

Bismarck=Chef (Black and makes constant sexual jokes)
Teran and/or Marge=Kenny (Nobody can understand Teran and Marge dies alot)
Quill=Cartman (Evil and often hilarious. Also hated by many.)
Sirjoseph=God (All-powerful: may or may not exist)
Big Gay Al=Farmascape (Sexuality is... questionable at best.)
Omni=The WoW guy (Never leaves his computer and also really stupid)
Liam of Fez=The Sixth Graders(Elitist.)

Fate (Zero/StayNight) Anime Edit

Quill - Emiya Kiritsugu (F/Zero)

Volcano - Assassin (F/Zero)

Wayne - Kotomine Kirei (Both)

Magery - Caster (F/Stay Night)

Eno - Lancer (F/Zero)

Mei - Kuzuki Souichirou (F/Stay Night)

Kyr - Tohsaka Tokiomi (F/Zero)

Gnu - Lancer (F/Stay Night)

Thematic PowersEdit

These are powers related to the characters in nation creation and create your own country


Tactical Analysis and Enhanced Inventing.





Star WarsEdit

Teran- Darth Vader

Scorched- Emperor Palpatine

Quill- Grand Moff Tarkin

Rp- Cmdr. Cody

Bis- Count Dooku

Farma- Boss Nass

Olaf- Boba Fett (child)

Gnu- Jango Fett

Wane- Qui-Gon Jinn

Omni- Battle Droids

Volc- Obi-Wan Kenobi

Bows- Princess Leia Organa

Super/Live- Jabba the Hutt

Ninja- Darth Maul

Kyr's version:

Wayne- Qui-Gon Jinn

Kyr- Obi-Wan Kenobi (Ewan McGregor) (Quill's comparison, not mine)

Meimei- Obi-Wan Kenobi* (Alec Guinness)

Volc- Count Dooku

Quill- Revan

Eno- Han Solo

Magery- Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker (Revenge of the Sith)

Rp- Commander Cody

Scorched- Yoda

Super- Ahsoka Tano

Bows- Jango Fett (doesn't care who you are, works only for one cause)

Farma- Boss Nass

Olaf- Gammorean Guard

Omni- Padme Amidala

Gnu- C-3PO

Ninja- Carth Onasi

Pen- Nute Gunray

Luim- Savage Opress

*was tempted to put "Princess Leia Organa (Because really, its your fault for reminding him)" but Ben Kenobi actually fits.

Star TrekEdit

Scorched: Q (Omnipotent, generally acts benevolent even if he's trolling a bit)

Teran: Redshirts (Dies alot, but still alive. Somehow.)

Farma: Sulu (Questionable sexuality...)

RpVictor: Scotty (Fixes any problem within NC)

Omni: Wesley Crusher (dammit, I shouldn't have to explain this)

Bows: Reginald Barclay (Holoaddiction, pony addiction... it's related, dammit!)

Wane: Mr. Spock (Overly logical and tends to destroy less intelligent peoples if he gets the chance, and has the Nerve Pinch, ie the Logic Hammer)

Bis: Worf (More aggressive than most and he's black

RS Boss monstersEdit

Chip- Vorago

Quill- Avatar of Destruction. + Culinaromancer

Pen- Koschei the Deathless

Omni- Daganoth Mother

Bows- Astea Frostweb

Volc- Balance elemental

Rp- Living Rock Patriarch

Farma- Delrith

Wayne: Har'Lakk The Riftsplitter

Bis: Nomad.

Kyr: Lord Drakan

Jeff Dunham PuppetsEdit

Bismarck- Sweet Daddy D (both are black)

Quill- Walter (old, cynical)

Legless- Achmed (fricking terrorists)

Farma- Achmed Juniour (gay)

Omni- Peanut (always hyper, has a habit of being annoying)

Scorched- Jose the Jalapeno (on a stick)

Starcraft CharactersEdit

Quill - Infested Kerrigan (Queen of Blades)

Bismarck - Tassadar

Scorched - Amon (The Dark Voice)

Omni - some random zergling

Forum Lord - Jim Raynor

Legless - Overmind

Pen - Baneling


Abrams- Arceus (creator)

Joseph- Mew (original)

Scorched- Mewtwo (better clone)

Kyr- Kyurem (you see where this is going right?)

Djinn- Weezing (hidden by a "fog")

123- Electrode (likes to blow things up)

Volc- Heatran

Quill-Cloyster (Evil hiding inside a shell of armour)

Rp- Shiny Rayquaza (keeps order, stops chaos)

Bis- Giratina Origin Form (black, renegade, very powerful)

Ninja- Ninjask (no explanation required)

Forum- Skitty (kitteh!!!!!!)

Omni- Magikarp (nobody likes it, very weak, tries to become insanely strong but fails)

F3N- Zubat (annoying little boogers those lot)

Bowswer- Blastoise (watered down mario guy)

Eno- Scizor (heavily armored flying thing with ability to cut things in half) (Eno: I really want to argue with this, but that's exactly what my CYOC nation does >_>)

Farma- Jynx (farma approved this)

Legless- Tornadus/Thundurus (cause a lot of destruction, have no legs)

Wayne- Alakazam (can control stuff with its powers)

Pie- Munchlax (young, eats a lot)

Olaf- Tauros (not very smart, has viking horns)

Gnu- Torterra (nice, until you piss it off, also Gnu's favorite besides mewtwo, not insanely strong, but not weak)

Team Fortress 2Edit

Scorched- Zephaniah Mann

Teran/Kyr- Redmond/Blutarch

Rp- Gray

Omni and Quill- Pyro

Chip- Engineer

Magery- Sniper

Olaf- Heavy

Bis- Soldier

Wayne- Medic

Fen- Scout

Nc Team PairingsEdit

Eno/Marge: Team "Because why the fuck not?"

Quill/Farma: Team Tank Decorating.

Volc/Bran: Team Stayin' Alive aka Team Overcome

Olaf/Fen: Team Hulkspeak

Volc/Wayne: Team Stray Ash

Eno/Quill: Team Magitanking

Scorched/RP: Team Buttonless Calculator

Kyr/Pen: Team Oncoming Storm/Team Ocean Rage

Pen/Olaf: Team Sonic Axe/Team Berserker

Lsuv/Olaf: Team Viking Bitch/Team Spanish Galleon

Wayne/Eno: Team Winning

Magery/Scorched: Team Lazy Destruction/Team "Da fuck?"

Bran/Super: Team Brainless Fist/Team Eternal Bigot

Attacker/Kyr: Team Water Dragon

Bismarck/Omni: Team Black autism

Omni/RP: Team invalid

Master1/Teran: Team EarTroll

Master1/RP: Team Fuzzy Logic.

Eno/Master 1: Team AlmostOP/Team RRR... RRRRAA... RRRRRAAAAWWWWRRRR!!!

Omni/Olaf: Team idiot.

Script/Kyr: Team Algae.

Kyr/Volc: Hototototpyre

Mage/Pen: Team Writer

Marge/Olaf: Team Why

Gnu/Marge: Team Nonsense.

Cardinals/Wayne: Elves with Fezes

Super/Wane: lolznope

Fez/Eno: Team Hatstand

Fen/Master1: Team Herbs with Ears.

Kyr/Scorched: Team LazyMod/Team Bastards.

Kyr/Quill: Team Death/Team Watery Grave/Heil Der Fuhrer

Scorched/Quill: Team Flaming muzzle

Quill/Olaf: Modern Day Viking/TeamViking Raid/Proxy Viking

Quill/Omni: Team Brundy

Bran/Quill: Team World is Fucked

Magery/Wayne: Team Magic

Cards/Kyr: Team Pelican/Team Greek

Bis/Kyr: Team Emperor Squared

Bows/Quill: Mario Protocol

Quill/Wayne: R2-FuckYou

Eno/Marge: Bigot with a brain

Scorched/Bows: Stratodials

Olaf/Bows: Coaldials

Eno/Omni: Team IquitLyfe.

Magery/Eno: Chaos Control

Eno/Gnu: Team Pirate captain/Team Troll Crusade

Gnu/Marge: Anime Philosophy

Kyr/Magery: The Angels of Chaos

Eno/Wayne/Mage: Team nerdgasm

Volc/Scorched: Team BURN MOTHA******/Team AFKano

Chip/Quill: Team Superiority.

Chip/Super: The Tactical Retard.

Mage/Chip: Tactical Maginuke

123/Pen: Team Civil War

Bis/Quill: Krieg team

F3N/Super: Team Controversy

Log HorizonEdit

WWE Wrestler Name + Theme Song Edit

Kyr - Captain America Edit

  • Theme Song: State of the Union by Rise Against