830px-Caliphate Update

This is a map of the Islamic Caliphate's holdings on Earth. The Red represents the Prussian Caliphate and the Orange-Yellow represents the Seljuk Caliphate. As you can see the Caliphate is not limited to the Old World and has large holdings in the New World, especially the Prussian Caliphate.

The Seljuk Caliphate, commonly called the Great Seljuks, is an Islamic state that exists in North and West Africa in Feudal Lords. It is a strong country, being part of the Islamic Caliphate. The Great Seljuk Caliphate has since expanded past their original boundaries and have played an integral part in world politics along with the other half of the Islamic Caliphate, the Prussian Caliphate.

The game in which this country was located is now dead, and may or may not return in the future.