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The Ghost Program


Psionic reconnaissance and special forces group


The Vasari Empire


375 ghosts (must maintain) plus support personnel.


Ghost Academy, Tehran

The Ghost Program is a project for the training and use of Vasari ghosts. Ghosts are feared Vasari covert operatives. They are known for their skill, psionic powers and ability to cloak. Ghosts are used to conduct recon, assassination, sabotage, search and rescue, counter-terrorism (only if the need for their specialities arises) along with many other such operations.


Ghosts are chosen from psychically-gifted individuals who are quarantined by the Vasari Empire and trained from infancy to channel their psionic energies to augment their natural physical strength and endurance. Conscripts

A ghost operative wearing hostile environment suit.

who successfully completed the Ghost Program's rigorous training and augmentations then serve as commandos and assassins.

Ghosts are lightly armored and can hide their presence with a cloaking device. Ghosts are generally trained as commandos and assassins, appearing and striking suddenly and silently. In addition, ghosts direct various "special package" strikes against enemy targets.

Standard Vasari practice is to use memory wipes after "graduation" and after each mission carried out by the ghost in question. This ensures unquestionable loyalty (as there is no guilt) and also, it means that the Ghost simply cannot betray their nation's secrets, even if they wanted to.

For the most part, ghosts are simply numbers or names. Under the Empire, all ghosts, regardless of whether they "graduated" or not, were assigned a standard number and/or agent number (an alpha-numeric code). Under the Vasari Empire, ghosts are left unaware of their true names.

All ghosts possess a personal file, though the contents are restricted.


The Vasari Empire seeking ways to have more capable special operation forces had to look into other unorthodox means to achieve their goals - Project Si-Sun. Under this project, the Vasari Empire was able to secretly alter their civlians' DNA, that would enable their offsprings with a very rare gift of psionic powers. It should be noted that not all offsprings born to our civilians are born with special powers; only a very handful are. The Vasari Empire then tracked these special children, and took them to "special schools".

These children were then taught the normal skills most children of their age learn from average schools. However, after reaching the age of twelve, these children had to undergo four years of "special training", where they learned how to control their powers expertly, and where they were taught how to fight.

Ghost TrainingEdit

Ghost training is viewed upon as intensely harsh by those who are aware of the Ghost Program's existance. However these individuals agree that it is required, if the Vasari Empire really wants the ghosts ready and well-equipped to handle tasks.


Theoretically all ghosts are trained from infancy. It is mandatory for children born within the Vasari Empire to have a Psi Aptitude (PA) Profile taken within nine months of birth. A score of 2.50 or higher results in recruitment into the program. Naturally the ideal of universal testing was impossible and it is possible for Imperial Space Colonial World children to escape detection. In rare cases, children with socially powerful parents could also escape. Cover stories are invented to obfuscate the fate of conscripted children. Some parents are informed their children are being taken to "special schools", and sometimes this is followed by reports the child had "died in an accident."


PA Profiles aside, telepaths who could be useful to the Vasari armed forces (either as ghosts or performing other roles) are usually tracked down by "wranglers", mildly psionic agents whose powers are generally only useful for finding other telepaths at close range. They can use equipment to help them in their search, but the equipment is itself limited.


Psionic PowersEdit


Ghost guarding Emperor Parham.

Ghosts have the ability to read minds but generally do not have the ability to block thoughts; ghosts find each other very easy to read. Ghosts and weaker psychics can detect other sources of psionic power (if they exist within other nations).

With the assistance of their hostile environment suit, which ghosts can channel energy through artificial muscle fiber, they can enhance their physical capabilities. A cloaking device and requisite power supply are frequently issued as well; the device requires psionic energy as a component.


The Vasari Empire uses several forms of neural processing in order to limit the otherwise dangerous powers of the ghosts from being used against the Vasari Empire herself. These include;

  • Aggression inhibitors, implants which prevent ghosts from attacking their superiors
  • Psi-screens, a device which can be worn to protect one's mind from mind-reading, also a ghost training device
  • Memory wipe (successor to the psychic dampener)

Ghosts are usually silent and are generally loners, in part due to their lack of memory of past events. This serves their masters well—the harder it is for ghosts to form relationships, the fewer distractions they have to deal with. Ghosts are expected to remain impassive and forbidden to use their mind-reading powers, but they sometimes accidentally pick up surface thoughts.

Combat TrainingEdit

In physical training, ghosts are trained in target shooting, close-quarters combat (martial arts and possibly other techniques) and vehicular expertise. Ghosts are also trained to move quickly and are desensitized to combat.

Artificial environments and simulations are also common, which include;

  • Artificial High Gravity Environment
  • Scenario A11-X93: The most popular exercise in the ghost training regimen, commonly referred to by trainees as "Nukes Away". In this scenario, ghosts practice a variety of covert infiltration techniques while gaining the technical knowledge necessary for the proper guidance of field-standard tactical nuclear weapons. Since nuclear weaponry is too expensive to be used in live fire training, the exercise is performed using an extremely lifelike holo-projection simulation. The competition between the teams of ghosts can be extremely intense, and all too commonly recruits are seen spending what little leisure time they have inside the simulation, honing their skills."

Ghost EquipmentEdit

All ghosts are given a hostile environment suit and may undergo surgery to replace their eyes

A ghost using his powers to partially cloak himself. Ghosts can entirely cloak themselves and their equipment.

with ocular implants. Their weapons of choice include:
  • AGR-14 rifle
  • BOSUN FN92 sniper rifle
  • C-10 rifle
  • C-20A rifle
  • E-11 lockdown device
  • Torrent SR-8 shotgun

Psi IndexEdit

The Psi Inex is a system used by the Vasari Empire to measure the psionic ability of humans, a PA Profile having to be established within nine months of birth for all children born within the domain of the Vasari Empire.

People with low levels of psychic power can often detect its use, and some can even resist telepathy. A PI rating of 4.5 is too low to reliably project thoughts, and a person with that low a rating is not referred to as a "teep".

Psi IndexEdit




No psychic powers. Most humans.


Limited powers. Wranglers.


Telepathy. "Teeps". Most ghosts fall between 5 and 6.


May have telekinesis. "Teeks". Extremely rare.