The Glorious Kingdom of the House
The Flg
The Flag of the Glorious Kingdom of the House


Country - The Incomparable Gardens Earth - Sydney, Australia


Constitutional Monarchy


Prime Minister - Cicy Knibbs, MP

Monarch - Queen Chloe

Population (249)



World Credit (WC) Indexan AQ (Aq)


312 (08/9/2011)

The Glorious Kingdom of the House (Abbreviated: GEH) was founded on the 4th of December after the Planet Narrion became came under the single Government of the GEH after numerous internal conflicts. A Royal State of the Index Kingdom, and a up-and-coming country. Renowned for its many allies, various squabbles and most of all its willingness to help.


The Glorious Kingdom of the House's history has been tumultuous, given the short span of it in comparision to other Nations. Founded on the 4th of December, as a monarchy and known simply as The House.


Emerging out of numerous civil wars and tyrannical leaders, the House became the primrary government on Narrion on the 4th of December, 0. King Aicy II was appointed shortly after the government was established. His reign, however, didn't last long. As in 1AF, after various protests, a Constitutional Monarchy was established on Narrion. Aicy was elected as Prime Minister in the same year. The House was then renamed the Glorious Empire of the House after three of Narrion's moons were claimed.

Early HistoryEdit

Early AlliancesEdit

By 10AF, the Glorious Empire of the House had been noticed, by three nations; the Index Kingdom, Belozay and DUTML. Within another year, all three of these nations had allied themselves with the Glorious Empire of the House!

Accesion, Abduction and AustraliaEdit

A great day of sadness: 6th of January, 6AF. Prime Minister Aicy passed away, and Deputy Prime Minister Bicy was appointed as Prime Minister. In the same year, the Empire was blessed with the presence of Ambassador Sriesti, of the DUTML. However her visit was plagued with jeopardy, as she was abducted. Interestingly enough, this abduction enboldened the alliance between the GEH and DUTML. Finally, in 13AF, the Empire claimed its first Earth land; Australia. Which remains as a vital peice of land to the GEH.

Autonumous StatesEdit

A glorious day in GEHian history: 1st of March, 24AF. The Glorious Empire of the House became a Royal State of the Index Kingdom, alongside Belozay. This was immesuarably important in the rise of the Empire, and still stands as a building block for GEHian beliefs today. Shortly after, Greece was added to the Royal States.

Growing UpEdit

The next stage in our growth was an important one. We had surived the baby stages, and were now getting into our own. We continued to grow, conquering a few lands such as New Zealand, which became the hosting city of the Olympics around 250 years later.

The start of the Greek conflictEdit

The first major conflict began for the GEH; Greece (Darknis), a former ally and fellow Index Kingdom Royal State annoyed the Empire. The Alliance was abolished. Conflict grew throughout the next few years, with the assistance of Belozay at times. This conflict was to become the biggest battle on Earth in years to come. It eventually lead