2011-09-25 13.08.02

My room. Still needs carpeting, and some decent walls.

Volcano1qaz is a fairly experienced member of Create Your Own Country. While he does take part in Nation Creation, most of his time on the Runescape forums is spent doing something with his nation on CYOC. He has also been known to take part in Forum Fight, but has not let anything from Forum Fight affect his actions in CYOC and NC. Volcano is the creator of the CYOC country Juton.

Volcano managed to successfully kick Olaf after Olaf become a Chat Mod.

2011-09-25 13.06.37

I'm going to level half of those mountains someday, just to make my house symmetrical.

2011-09-27 19.00.24

Volcano's favorite skin.

2011-09-27 19.00.40

Volcano standing at the edge of his pier.

2011-10-04 20.32.40

My Nether Portal